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EU Ecolabel: the guarantee of sustainability

In 2008, Grodan was the first stone wool growing media manufacturer to be awarded the European Ecolabel, the EU’s seal of approval for non-food products. This demonstrates that Grodan products comply with the European environmental criteria for growing media of mineral origin, such as stone wool. In complying with these criteria, the raw materials must originate from properly licensed and responsibly managed sources and in addition, products must contain at least 30% recycled content. Furthermore, energy consumption and atmospheric pollution during manufacturing must comply with strictly monitored limits, products must satisfy the highest health and safety standards for stone wool materials and ambitious targets for the recycling of products must be met. Finally, products must also undergo testing using specific methods to guarantee their performance as growing media for plants. Manufacturers are obliged to make Information available to users and on product labels. Our products comply with the specific demands of the EU Ecolabel as follows:

  • The Ecolabel for Grodan growing media applies to its use in professional horticulture.
  • Product pH, test method EN 13037 (using nutrient solution): pH 6.0 – 6.5
  • Product EC, test method EN 13038: 10-25 MS/m
  • Germination and growth inhibition, test method EN 16086-1: no abnormalities

Since the European Ecolabel imposes environmental and quality requirements, it offers customers both guaranteed sustainability and guaranteed quality: this seal of approval demonstrates that supplying both quality and sustainable products can be achieved through compliance with the EU Ecolabel standard.

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