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Within this particular crop, a diversity of tomato types has been developed in recent years. From large, loose tomatoes to a wide range of vine tomatoes. Each type and variety calls for a different cultivation approach; with the cultivation method also determining the choice of substrate. In addition to new varieties, a large proportion of growers have switched to cultivation under light in order enable year-round production. We offer the right slab choice for each variety or growing strategy.. 

Our Precision Growing solutions for tomato

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Our solutions are designed to achieve the highest yields of the highest quality fruit?

Taste is usually assessed by the ‘brix’ content of the fruits, the higher the value the tastier the fruits. Brix values will vary over the cultivation cycle, tending to be lower in periods of dark weather compared to sunny. You can influence the brix content of fruits with irrigation EC levels. Our growing media are designed to allow growers to use high irrigation ECs (especially in periods of dark / changeable weather) yet maintain stable and controlled substrate ECs. This unique design feature of NG2.0 growing media allows growers to achieve the highest yields of the highest quality fruit.

It is possible to steer crops in a generative direction?

There are a number of tools growers can use to steer plant balance, i.e. climate, labour and root zone management. The key is to align all three for maximum benefit. It is worth noting that every irrigation you apply results in a vegetative plant reaction. In this respect having the ability to target irrigation specifically to the needs of the crop is crucial in steering plant balance.

Our GroSens system enables you to select data you want to place in a graphic in order to fine tune your irrigation strategy?

You can place a lot of information into graphics, the key is to make them as simple as possible such that you can read them quickly and make fast informed decisions. We advise the following data sets; substrate WC%, EC, Radiation (W/m2) and Radiation sum (J/cm2). You can then run the following checks: 

  • Irrigation start time 
    • What was the level of outside radiation when I started irrigation?
    • What was decrease in substrate WC% from sunrise?
  • Time of first drain
    • What was the level of outside radiation when drain occurred?
    • Was substrate EC lowest when radiation was highest? 
  • Irrigation stop time
    • What is the level of outside radiation when I gave the last irrigation?
    • What was the total decrease in WC% overnight?

More information on how to use these critical questions is provided in the tomato 6-PHASE model e-mail advice which is sent to Grodan customers.

We offer tailor made recycling solutions?

We place a high priority on sustainable business. And environmental management is an integral part of our sustainable business policy. We set up a professional (country-specific) recycling service for our clients. This service is designed to guarantee that used stone wool products are recycled responsibly.

GroSens and e-Gro

Innovative growing tools help the grower to monitor the growing process and to apply water and nutrients to the root zone with precision, limiting the consumption of energy, water and fertilisers.

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