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07 July 2016

Next Generation 2.0 (NG2.0) is the latest substrate technology from GRODAN. This technology enables propagators and growers to produce more while using less water, nutrients and space. It creates optimal growing conditions for a whole season, and allows roots to make better use of the entire substrate. NG2.0 is available in plugs, blocks and slabs to help growers and propagators produce sustainably, healthy fresh produce for a growing population.

The key to homogeneity in plant nurseries ›

04 July 2016

Hubert Salaün has been managing Tecnosem since 1992. A great propagation specialist, he has always used GRODAN products.

Rijk Zwaan chooses to use Plantop blocks ›

10 June 2016

The uniform treatment of several small batches of plants requires the use of easily managed and uniform mineral wool blocks. Blocks that will also provide optimum conditions for plant development. Following tests carried out two years ago at the Production and Breeding departments at Rijk Zwaan in De Lier, the GRODAN Plantop Delta and Plantop Vitagreen blocks proved to be the best and are now the blocks of choice for the cultivation of young plants.