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Acreage of Plantop blocks keeps growing!! ›

24 December 2014

Plantop is the most frequently sold block worldwide. It can be used for a wide range of crops. The number of Plantop users is constantly growing, especially in export markets such as Eastern Europe, France and the UK, but also in the Netherlands and Belgium. Within a short space of time the block has become the standard on the market.

GRODAN proud of ROCKWOOL’s Top 5 position in the Transparency Benchmark 2014 ›

10 December 2014

ROCKWOOL Benelux has a strong commitment to sustainability and the efforts pay off. On Thursday 20 November the company was listed among the top 5 sustainable companies in the Industrial sector by the Dutch government with a score of 157 points. This score is for the Food & Beverage industry, the category where GRODAN can relate to, another top performance. The impressing achievement was announced at an event for the largest companies in the Netherlands, politicians and other stakeholders.

Plant health and sustainability in propagation: GRODAN’s key priorities!! ›

22 September 2014

GRODAN’s third seminar for foreign propagators attracted a lot of interest. Around sixty people came to hear all about the latest developments in the fields of plant health, propagation methods and sustainability in the propagation of vegetable plants.

IGPA incorporated in Potting soil Manufacturers Association ›

20 March 2014

1 January 2014 saw the incorporation of IGPA, the International Growing Media Producers Association, in the Vereniging Potgrondfabrikanten Nederland (Association of Potting Soil Producers in the Netherlands). IGPA’s current members – Cultilène, GRODAN and Jongkind BV – have come to the agreement that their joint interests can be better and more efficiently promoted via the larger, more decisive VPN.

Sustainable Greenhouse Production - Saving Energy & Managing Water ›

10 March 2014

The GRODAN Group’s Sustainability Manager, Stuart Lambie and Technical Service Manager, Andrew Lee recently spoke at the HDC/ Growsave event in the UK in which the theme of sustainable greenhouse production was discussed.

GRODAN kicks off 45th anniversary with new website ›

27 January 2014

The GRODAN Group celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. Therefore, the Group has various activities planned for 2014, starting with the launch of its new website.

GRODAN introduces new wireless, multi-sensor measuring system for substrate growing ›

13 November 2013

Based on professional growers’ needs for higher accuracy and reliability in monitoring water content (WC), electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature in substrates, GRODAN is now introducing a state-of-the-art innovation: the GroSens® wireless, multi-sensor measuring system.

GRODAN demonstrates the possibilities of automation in plant propagation ›

16 October 2013

Increasingly the propagation of young plants can be automated: sowing, grading, grafting and transplanting. In mid-September GRODAN organised a seminar for plant propagators from outside the Netherlands where companies specialising in automatic sowing, selection, grafting and transportation of young plants demonstrated the latest possibilities and the advantages of their technology. Attention was also paid to the fundamental principles of: sowing and raising seedlings in the new stone wool plugs and blocks from GRODAN, which are more suitable for automated processes.

GRODAN Group supports Precision Growing training in Taiwan ›

03 October 2013

GRODAN Group recently entered a partnership with Changhua Tianwei Horticulture Production Cooperative, confirming the Group’s commitment to support the introduction of Precision Growing in the new agriculture training centre in Changhua (Taiwan).

GRODAN group promotes greenhouse vegetables with GroentenFruit Bureau at International Green Week ›

03 February 2013

Last week the GRODAN group was present at the International Green Week Berlin, together with the GroentenFruit Bureau and various horticulture chain partners, to promote greenhouse vegetables amongst German consumers. Here, the chain partners set up an impressive presentation to explain the fact that greenhouse vegetables are high quality vegetables: not only tasty and healthy, but also produced in a safe and sustainable manner.