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Personal advice from our crop consultants

The development of innovative cultivation solutions is possible only through intensive contact with users. Our collaboration with renowned research institutions enables us to link users' practical experience and needs to the latest scientific insights. An approach which is essential if we are to continue offering growers innovative products and services that meet their needs.

Grodan 6-PHASE modelĀ®

Climate computer settings


Our Grodan 6-PHASE model offers a blueprint for optimal crop results during each cultivation phase, as well as for the entire cultivation period.

For each phase a tailored advice

Each phase is characterised by a specific development of the crop that imposes specific requirements in that phase. Consequently, the advice for each phase needs to be tailored to that specific stage and also take account of the crop and rooting climate. Users of the 6-PHASE model receive an e-mail with the relevant cultivation recommendations before the beginning of each cultivation phase.

More information about growing

Check our Vegetable Solutions page to find crop specific information or to get in touch with one of our crop consultants.
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