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Example settings for the Hortimax to the Grodan 6 phase reference table

Start time 
To start the irrigation it is neccesary to fill in the period times. This can be real/normal time or based on sunrise or sunset: 

To actually activate the irrigation the user can choose several starting conditions. A commonly used condition is radiation sum. Based on the quantity joules the start is activated. Through a graphical pre-condition line can be varied throughout the day. Also called a radiation threshold can be set, the group will only be activated if there is enough radiation. Per period, the radiationstarts on or off: 

Stop time

With the graphical set point and period end time it is possible to stop 3-4 hours before sunset. A maximum of no less than 8 periods and unlimited variation of the setpoint can be used per day. 

WC level during the day 
The required watercontent is easily set and varied during the whole day. With the graphical setpoint ‘slab moisture’ 
Also the user can specify a period or the start condition is active. Of course the minimum and maximum pause times are respected: 

WC decrease at night 
The user can vary the level as much as needed. 

Time of 1st drain 
The drain influence creates anticipation or delay of the irrigation cycle. User can specify from which irrigation the drain influence can be calculated. 
The user can select a control based on either the cumulative drainpercentage or drainpercentage per irrigation cycle. 

EC supply 
The setpoint for EC dosing can vary per recipe. Per period the user can select a different recipe. The calculated EC value can be influenced through radiation (positive or negative) 

Cycle size 
Volume set points to a valve or a valve group set. For each recipe can be given a different volume. This can be based on time or volume also a valve influence based on EC and pH is available. By choosing the recipe per period the correct amount of water in that time is given. 


Adjusting Recipes, volumes, EC, pH, limitations and influences are done in the menu 'Irrigation': 

Set of starting conditions in the menu'starts' 

Both actual and historical information of the irrigation and drainage are available per valve group and per valve. User can make both tables and graphs with all measured and calculated values.