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Starting strategy I400.1; Beginning of the day

Set starting strategy in the morning

  • Start irrigating on radiation sum with active crop
  • If radiation sum is not reached, irrigation starts at 9:00 clock on maximum rest time
  • Period 6 is important, radiation sum will start from period 6

Starting strategy I400.1; End of the day 

Set starting strategy at the end of the day

  • Start on a radiation sum of 100 Joule only when there is still radiation of 300 W/m2

Irrigation start conditions 

Set conditions for start irrigation

  • Up to 15 start conditions.
  • Enter number that needs to be reached (and/or)


Set valve irrigation settings I401; Session length 

Set valve irrigation settings

  • Time and/or Quantity of dosing
  • Recipe number
  • Link valves to a valve group via I401.4


EC reduction on nice weather days I403.1 

Set EC reduction on measured radiation. 

Overview of actual dosing M420