User advice

We ensure that you can make optimum use of the solutions for Precision Growing, by offering user advice based on our knowledge of and experience with substrate cultivation. The global operations of the Grodan Group enable us to compile the expertise and experience acquired by thousands of users and horticultural chain partners. This rich source of information allows us to offer each grower the best tailor-made advice.

In addition to the customised advice supplied by our cultivation specialists, we also offer product support to growers via a number of other channels such as:

  • seminars and training courses
  • newsletters (digital and printed)
  • articles from trade journals
  • WCM-user advice

Preparing for a new crop

Three-part instructional series how prepare for a new crop.

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The 6-PHASE model offers a blueprint for optimal crop results.

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Tailor-made advice

The Grodan crop consultants provide growers with tailor-made advice.

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