Preparing for a new crop

With this 3-step approach you will be ready for a new cultivation season on Grodan slabs. The steps are available in multiple languages.

1. Cleaning the greenhouse

1.1 Before cleaning1.2 Cleaning1.3 Preparing for the new crop

2. Cleaning and checking the irrigation system

2.1 Before2.2 Preparation2.3 Cleaning2.4 Checking the level of variation

3. Handling and placing of the slabs

3.0 Precautions before handling blocks and slabs in the greenhouse3.1 Delivery on pallets or packs of twelve3.2 Laying out the slabs3.3 Initial saturation of the slabs3.4 Cutting the drainage holes3.5 Planting the crop

More information

For more information speak to your Grodan representative, local Grodan dealer, or contact us directly