Developed for growing power


Flortop Rosa Benefits

1. Perfect control in every season

Flortop Rosa has a very wide control range. With its prompt resaturation, the WC can quickly be topped up to the required level after a temporary drop (from 50% to 73% in 24 hours). The special fibre structure ensures that there is always plenty of air in the substrate. So the WC and EC can easily be varied based on the climate and the needs of the crop.

2. Perfect root penetration

Thanks to the unique properties of the slab, the roots use the whole substrate volume. After the last cycle, water and nutrients are distributed uniformly throughout the whole slab. With the perfect balance between water and oxygen, noticeably more roots develop at the top of the substrate. This lays the foundation for a vital, vigorous and resilient crop with better disease resistance. This is particularly beneficial for moderately rooting cultivars, which perform significantly better on Flortop Rosa.

3. Better plant balance in every growing phase

Even with a relatively low WC, the uniform water distribution keeps the top of the slab sufficiently moist while the bottom layer does not get too wet. This enables the roots to absorb water and nutrients throughout the slab. Despite differences in plant loads – whether the plant is about to be or has just been cut – WC and EC are always more homogeneously distributed in Flortop Rosa than in other slabs. On balance this results in a more uniform crop with better growing power.

4. Optimum resaturation, less draining

Flortop Rosa has excellent water control properties. The feedwater throughout the slab is replenished efficiently even with slow drip irrigation, ensuring a consistently low drain percentage. Furthermore, the EC in the slab remains stable in any changes in weather, avoiding unwanted fluctuations and uneven control.

5. Sustainable use of water and nutrients 

Grodan Next Generation fibres are completely inert and do not bind nutrients or crop protection products. They do not need to be rinsed at the beginning of the growing cycle. Drained water can be reused in its entirety – after disinfection, of course – right from the start of the growing period. Because the substrate does not bind nutrients or crop protection products, they are always easily absorbed by the plant. This ensures efficient use of water, nutrients and crop protection products.