Propagation products

NG2.0 for Propagation
NG2.0 creates optimal growing conditions for propagators. This advanced technology provides a quick and effective distribution of water and nutrients, within plugs and blocks. It secures optimal use of the entire substrate volume and creates ideal circumstances for healthy root development.

What these benefits bring in your daily Operation

  • Uniform germination and easy rooting in to block – thanks to fast and effective distribution of water and nutrients.
  • No dry spots in plugs and blocks – as a result of fast and secured initial wetting, which also saves time, water and nutrients.
  • More accurate steering of water and nutrients – due to better use of substrate volume functionalities, and the high degree of uniformity within plugs and blocks.
  • More uniform batches of plants for delivery to growers – thanks to improved use of substrate
  • Ideal rooting through entire height of the block – thanks to fast and uniform initial distribution of water and nutrients and optimized use of the block volume, particularly in the top layer.
  • Fast rooting-in when planted on a slab – due to better water and nutrient distribution in the top layer of the substrate, which also optimizes the use of the total column height (block and slab).

The Plantop block (the standard in the market) now also with NG2.0 Technology

Generative & steered growth

  • Controlled strong thrush development
  • Strong flower development
  • Compact plant mass
  • Steered fully distributed root development
  • Controlled plant development through irrigation strategy

Ask your propagator or Grodan representative about the possibilities of use under your cultivation circumstances.

For certain crops, (pepper) and varieties, Plantop Dry can be the ideal block to create vegetative growth and a fast nicely distributed root development.

Vegetative & maximum growth realizes

  • Optimal and strong plant growth
  • Firm and maximum leaf area
  • Development of high dry matter content
  • Complete and branched rooting through entire block volume
  • Frequent irrigation possible, focused on vegetative plant development.

Revolutionary Vision technology
Grodan is ready to contribute to this. The new and revolutionary Vision technology will radically alter your ideas about propagation. Starting point for the new Vision technology was the Next Generation technology of Grodan. The insights gained during the development of the Next Generation growing blocks and slabs were combined with knowledge in the field of high quality stone wool products. The new technology is characterised by its brown colour as new raw materials have been used in the production process, which have considerably improved its reliability.

The first success story of the Vision technology is the Grodan PRO PLUG. A new seeding plug with impressive results: the loss percentage is reduced by up to 20%. Moreover, propagators who use the new plug use water far more efficiently, as all the water can be fully recirculated. Extensive and lengthy trials have validated that the Grodan PRO PLUG answers to the highest expectations of propagators.

Next generation technology
Thanks to their revolutionary hydrophilic fibres, substrate slabs and blocks produced using this technology offer users considerable advantages.

New revolutionary plugs, based on the Vision technology, with impressive results.

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Uniform growing block for evenly plant growth.

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Uniform and controllable for perfect growth

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Grodan plugs

Uniform plugs for optimal germ results

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