Proven higher plant quality

Product Specifications

Grodan Pro Plug Benefits

1. Higher germination percentage

The improved shape and depth of the seed hole ensure that each seed rolls easily into the centre of the plug, giving a lower risk of dehydration and allowing the seed to be covered with an even layer of vermiculite. Fewer empty plugs means less manual filling afterwards, while the brown plug makes it easier detect and correct any ‘double seeds’. This all promotes uniform and higher germination, undisturbed plant growth and ultimately results in healthy young plants.

2. Greater plant uniformity

The Grodan PRO offers greater dimensional stability, while the uniformity between the individual plugs has also significantly improved. The seedlings root quickly and anchor well into the centre of the plug leading to greater uniformity in plant development and fewer twisted seedlings. Extreme root formation that causes losses has also been greatly reduced. 

3. Better plant quality

The new technology facilitates superior water and air management, which results in a better distribution of water and EC throughout the entire plug, resulting in better root formation and better, more uniform plant growth. The improved water distribution in the plug means that the moisture content decreases more evenly, so propagators can wait longer before starting the next irrigation cycle. The uniform water distribution gives less risk of peripheral effects in individual trays.

4. Improved ease of handling

The improved firmness, uniform dimensions and greater height help retain the structure and stability of the plug even after it has been handled several times during automatic processing. The plugs can be removed from the trays and replaced with ultimate precision during selection. The plug height of 27 mm creates a larger volume that is beneficial for plant growth. During selection, fewer plants will be lost and the plants for transplantation into blocks maintain their maximum quality. 

5. Sustainable water and nutrient consumption

The larger volume offered by the plug gives higher absolute water content in the plugs leading to a lower irrigation frequency. For propagators this translates to sustainable and more efficient use of water and nutrients and lower costs. Increasingly stricter regulations apply to the discharge of drain water, but thanks to Vision technology water drained from the Pro plug can be 100% recycled.

Grodan PRO PLUG brochure