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NG2.0 Technology
Growing has never been so precise
Next Generation 2.0 (NG2.0) is the latest substrate technology from Grodan. This technology enables propagators and growers to produce more while using less water, nutrients and space. It creates optimal growing conditions for a whole season, and allows roots to make better use of the entire substrate. NG2.0 is available in plugs, blocks and slabs to help growers and propagators produce sustainably, healthy fresh produce for a growing population.

The next step in Precision Growing
The growing world population means the demand for sustainably produced and healthy fresh produce is continuing to increase. The greatest challenge facing growers is creating the ideal conditions for growth: not just for a few weeks, but all year round. Precision Growing plays a vital role in this respect. It gives growers the opportunity to produce more using less water and nutrients.

NG2.0 for growers
NG2.0 creates optimal growing conditions, not just for a few weeks, but for the whole growing season. This advanced technology provides an improved distribution of water and nutrients, especially in the top layer of the substrate and a more secure interaction between block and slab. Consequently, roots make better use of the entire substrate volume, leading to healthy branched root development.

What these benefits bring in your daily Operation

  • Faster and stronger rooting – thanks to fast and uniform initial distribution of water and nutrients and optimized use of the slab volume, particularly in the top layer.
  • More accurate steering of water and nutrients – due to better use of substrate volume functionalities, and the high degree of uniformity within blocks and slabs.
  • More balanced uptake of water and nutrients – resulting from better distribution of fine, branched roots inside the slab.
  • Optimal control of nutrient level during changing weather conditions – thanks to quick nutrient refreshment.
  • Fewer irrigation cycles during rooting – due to better water and nutrient distribution in the top layer of the substrate.
  • Better performance on uneven surfaces – thanks to improved re-saturation capacity of the slab.
  • Securing yield in second half of the year – as a result of improved re-saturation that promotes continuous new root development in the block and slab.

Phased transition to NG2.0 from 2016

    10 cm high

    19,5 and 20 cm wide

Both vegetative and generative steerable substrate.


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Wide control range and dry nature for generative steering.


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Subtrate for ultra quick root and growth development.


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Reliable substrate with plain irrigation.


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Multi year substrate slab, flexible in use due to wide control range.


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