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Grodan, Precision Growing, Agriculture, Plants
By Jan Simonsen|Water Management

The secret to using less water in agriculture

Ever wondered how to do agriculture with less water? Read on to discover the solution.

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RockWorld imagery, The big picture, greenery, machinery, field, agriculture
By Mirella Vitale|Sustainable Growing

How we contribute to World Soil Day

We are striving towards a better and more sustainable future.

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water, serene, nature, sustainable, calm
By Vincent Deenen|Sustainable Growing

World Soil Day: how to feed the world in 2050?

Today it is World Soil Day which is celebrated annually on the 5th of December. This day to me at least reconfirms that it is extremely important to take great care of our natural resources. Let’s face it.

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Iceberg, Glacier, Nature, Water, Thawing
By Vincent Deenen|Water Management

How to beat the heat – a new paradigm on water management

The changing climate and its impact make us rethink our current methods of energy and water management. New EU guidelines for reducing the emission of nutrients and water use force us and other industries to work together, adopting different approaches to gas emission and water management.

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7sos; 7 Strenghts of Stone;  Water management; water absorbtion;
By Vincent Deenen|Water Management

Why water management stays hot

Agri-tech innovations are often mentioned in the same breath as sustainable water management. Water management in the horticultural sector is a hot item and thus also for us. For almost 50 years we have been working to drive the efficiency of water management practices to a higher level.

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egro, e-gro, grodan, tomato

Precision growing to the next level

When I return from a trip abroad flying over the Netherlands, I see the beautiful glass greenhouses often hundreds of meters long, below me. Our Dutch pride. Hypermodern production centers where growers, day in and day out, grow passionately beautiful, high-quality crops. Obviously, this is not an easy job. The industry is plagued by a chronic shortage of manpower. Production must be faster and cheaper. This also makes it difficult for growers to commit to volumes, prices and delivery dates.

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