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01 Apr 2020

Digital possibilities for an appointment

Due to the Corona situation, physical visits are, unfortunately, no longer possible. However, if you have questions and/or comments, our Account Managers and Customer Service employees are available for you. Recently, they have further increased their digital skills and have good experiences with support over the phone and online like Skype and Microsoft Teams.

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Production line, ROCKWOOL insulation
Press Release
25 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Update

True to our crisis management motto, Be the ROCK, we are determined to weather this storm; we will stand by our people, customers and external stakeholders.

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Press Release
05 Mar 2020

Quiet launch at Horticontact 2020

Data-driven decisions are becoming increasingly important in horticulture. This was evident at Horticontact 2020, where Grodan was present.

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Press Release
17 Feb 2020


The exposition Countryside - The Future of Rem Koolhaas opens in the Guggenheim Museum in New York on February 20th 2020. By organizing this exposition, Mr. Koolhaas and the Guggenheim want to boost the discussion about the developments in non-urban areas. The goal of Countryside - The Future is to create impact. The exposition itself ends in August 2020, but the effects of what will be exposed in New York will last much longer. Countryside – The Future tells the story of the development of the countryside throughout the ages, using various themes. These themes will be visualized by connecting them to specific areas in the world. The Dutch horticultural sector illustrates what the future of food and food production look like.

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Press Release
14 Jan 2020

AgriFoodTech 2019

The latest innovations within the Agri and Food were shown during the Agrifoodtech conference. Grodan was also represented during the conference.

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Q Logo Innovation Award Nomination
Press Release
27 Nov 2019

Grodan’s software platform e-Gro nominated for SIVAL Innovation 2020 contest

ANGERS, France 28 November - Grodan, part of the ROCKWOOL Group, is nominated in the SIVAL Innovation 2020 contest for its latest innovation: e-Gro. This is an open software platform that gives greenhouse growers smarter insights into the greenhouse, allowing them to make data-driven decisions for their cultivation strategy. SIVAL will reveal the winners of the SIVAL Innovation 2020 contest in December.

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