e-Gro Testimonial Ger

Ger Derickx from Theeuwen Growers about e-Gro

“I often check the crop steering indicators on my e-Gro’s Dashboard Module. Via e-Gro I am able to analyse what the average water content decrease overnight was in my growing medium and if this resulted in a vegetative or generative action. e-Gro gives me more insights into plant growth and based on this information I can make better cultivation decisions”.

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e-Gro combines relevant data from various sources on a single online software platform. The result: a detailed 24/7 picture of the situation in your greenhouse, giving you more control and allowing you to make informed decisions. e-Gro helps you with data-driven Precision Growing.

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e-Gro campaign summer 2020 -BGE
GroSens, grodan

Optimize your irrigation strategy

Grodan GroSens system enables 24/7 real-time insight into the WC, EC and temperature
of the stone wool substrate. This provides valuable information in e-Gro which will help you in optimizing the irrigation strategy, allowing you to improve the yield and quality of your crops. The Grodan GroSens system is essential for working with our e-Gro platform

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