Vigorous crops well balanced all the year round


Grodan, a member of the ROCKWOOL Group, announced the introduction of its Grodan Prestige stone wool slab. Prestige slabs are ideal for tomato and cucumber growers who want to promote fast initial growth of their crops and vigorous vegetative development in the summer.

Grodan Prestige with tomato crop

Conditions in the slabs can also be adjusted to promote generative growth if necessary. All in all, Prestige is the perfect slab for creating the right conditions to ensure a well-balanced vigorous crop all the year round.

The great advantage of the Prestige slabs is that the roots will quickly penetrate immediately after planting. New active roots will continue to grow in the top part of the slab until the end of the season. The slab’s wide control range makes it easy for growers to promote vegetative growth in summer and generative development in spring and autumn. Another advantage is that there’s no need to make multiple drainage holes in the slab. The Prestige slabs come in two heights: 7.5 cm and 10 cm.

Why do customers opt for Grodan Prestige?

The Prestige slab has been extensively tested in trials and the growers concerned were enthusiastic about the results. Cultivation Manager Very of the French SAS Chavanne: "Grodan Prestige really gives me the impression that I have direct control over the plants’ development. I now base my irrigation strategy on the plants’ needs whereas in the past I tended to concentrate on the slabs’ water content”.

Vincent Deenen, Marketing Director at Grodan: “We started developing crop-specific substrates. Our Prestige is a slab based on our NG2.0 technology intended for tomato and cucumber growers who like to gear their cultivation strategy to the weather instead of using a substrate with a maximum control range such as GT Master.” For the best possible cultivation results the Prestige slab should be combined with Plantop NG2.0 blocks.

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