Sébastien Manelli uses GroSens to precisely manage the irrigation of his tomato crops. Fully convinced of the benefits of increasing the number of measurements to improve the precision of the tool even further, he told us all about how he combines the data collected from fixed sensors with that from a mobile one that passes through all his production areas each day. 

For three generations, the Manelli family has been based in the commune of Saint Martin de Crau at the foot of the Alpilles Regional Natural Park and just to the north of a stony and windy plain that stretches between the Rhône delta, the Camargue and the Étang de Berre. This family of market gardeners were originally from Marseilles and lived in the Mazargues neighbourhood, the former green belt of the beautiful port city, but their property was requisitioned 1980. When they arrived in Saint Martin de Crau, they discovered untouched land and plenty of water. Once settled, they gradually specialised in the production of tomatoes in greenhouses. Today, Sébastien Manelli manages Scea Saint Paty. It’s a family company with his father still heavily involved and his sister just joined the team.

Movement of water through plants

In this whitepaper, Grodan specialist ANDREW LEE provides an insight into the physiological process of water uptake by plants and describes how the root zone and aerial environment interact to drive this within the glasshouse.

Growing media and the efficient use of nutrients Whitepaper

Growing media and the efficient use of nutrients

One of the 15 global challenges formulated by the Millenium project is “How can population growth and resources be brought into balance?“ One aspect of this challenge is improving the use efficiency of the global resources e.g. nutrients. These nutrients are just as important to agriculture as water.

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