Leafy greens and culinary herbs

There is an increasing demand for hydroponically grown leafy greens such as lettuce and culinary herbs like basil to enable healthier and more sustainable food production. Growers can realise significant savings on water and fertiliser inputs when using hydroponic methods to grow these crops. Grodan offers targeted products designed to work with the wide array of growing systems.

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NG 2.0 technology

Next Generation 2.0 (NG2.0) is the latest substrate technology from Grodan. This technology enables propagators and growers to produce more while using less water, nutrients and space. It creates optimal growing conditions for a whole season, and allows roots to make better use of the entire substrate. NG2.0 is available in plugs, blocks and slabs to help growers and propagators produce sustainably, healthy fresh vegetables for a growing population

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Erik Zwinkels about Grodan Elite

Erik Zwinkels is a tomato grower in Holland. He is one of the managers of the family-run company, Zwinkels Tomaten, which has 20 ha of greenhouses divided among three production sites situated in the Westland region, in north-western Rotterdam. The company specialises in vine tomatoes.

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