New Release e-Gro: Get ready for your next growing season with better insights in Conditions and Personal Dashboard

1 January 1

The seasons are changing and for some that means the growing season has come to an end. Nevertheless, we at e-Gro work a year round so that we can help you maximize your substrate yield and help you become an expert in data driven precision growing. We do so via launching various releases throughout the year in e-Gro. But it’s not only about launching new features to the market. Our service promise is the basis for the launch of new features. With our green experts and dedicated Customer Success Managers we make sure our e-Gro users understand:

  • how to use the (new) features;
  • interpret the greenhouse data;
  • how to implement these insights in optimized growing strategies.

New Release


While the previous release in September focused on the Crop Module, this release will offers major improvements to several aspects including Conditions Page, Dashboard and Crop Module. Resulting in better insights into your greenhouse conditions by bringing your data into one overview, giving you the flexibility to analyze your data anytime, anywhere. We took a look at which features of e-Gro are most utilized and deemed most valuable. Based on feedback from growers like you, we focused on the aspect of e-Gro that you find most important. Let’s dive a bit deeper into each improvement and its benefits.

New graphic on Dashboard Page

In general, the dashboard will have an improved user interface with enhanced and clearer KPIs. The Dashboard allows you to view all your important information in a single glance view with crop status at the top along with an evaluation of the vegetative and generative actions taken. A new graph has been implemented which shows the valued feature ‘Projected WC Decrease’ (from the Condition Page). Now you can also select various sensors on your dashboard and see how the water content will decrease overnight in the slab.


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