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Coming soon: e-Gro, the software platform for data driven Precision Growing

Today you need the power of technology in horticulture sector to make a difference because today’s greenhouses are increasingly complex environments. To optimise conditions and maximise yields, entrepreneurs have deployed an array of different technologies – all operating in their own siloes and generating unconnected 24/7 data streams. Translating this barrage of information into actionable insight is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges facing growers today. The practicalities of combining different data inputs from the greenhouse tend to make things more complicated and time consuming than they need to be. Until now. Because the new e-Gro software platform unifies greenhouse data from different sources and provides real-time intelligence and insight that will help you accelerate decision-making. e-Gro puts information from different data sources you need on one screen and on all of your team’s screens at the same time, so everyone can play their part in making data-driven precision growing a reality in your greenhouse. 

The platform gives a clear picture of the root zone, the crop, the climate conditions, the irrigation and harvest results. As a result, a grower has more control over the growing process and can make better informed decisions to optimize the cultivation strategy. The more you know, the better you will grow, with e-Gro.

e-Gro is now launched in Benelux and it will be launched in other areas in the upcoming period. To stay tuned about the latest news of e-Gro, subscribe yourself for the e-Gro newsletter.



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