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Grodan GT Master

The best slab for vegetative and generative crop control


Perfect for Precision Growing

  • Dual density is a major advantage in the case of large plant distances
  • Optimum WC and EC (resaturation) steering ranges
  • Uniform distribution of roots
  • Exceptionally good WC and EC uniformity
  • Plants can be planted directly in the preformed holes
  • Less drainage enables better control of EC and savings in water and nutrients

For an optimal result the right block slab combination is essential. Plantop NG2.0 and Grodan GT Master based on the same technology are fully compatible. The uniform structure garantuees a continuous development of roots both in the block and the slab throughout the whole season. 




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Grodan Brochure GT Master (english)
Grodan Brochure GT Master (english)

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