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Grodan Prestige

Vigorous crops in balance all year round

The ideal substrate for tomato and cucumber growers who want rapid initial growth at the start and vegetative vigour in summer. The crop can also be steered generative if necessary. In other words: the ideal slab to steer vigorous crops towards the right balance.

  • The Prestige slab offers the following important properties:
  • Rapid and large resaturation capacity thanks to the fine, fibrous structure combined with NG2.0 technology
  • Incredibly fast rooting thanks to the open fibrous structure
  • Homogenous water distribution throughout the entire slab, even with 10 cm high slabs, so the roots grow right to the top of the slab
  • Extra stability, so the slab can easily cope with several crops of cucumber per year

The combination of the Grodan Prestige slab and the Plantop NG2.0 block, both featuring NG2.0 technology, is perfect. The block perfectly mirrors the slab in terms of WC and EC. As soon as the block is placed on the hole in the slab, the plant starts to rapidly develop roots. The plant will continue to form new roots from the base of the stem throughout the entire growing season. The result is a healthy, vigorous plant, lower plant mortality and high production until the end of season.




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Загрузить брошюру Grodan Prestige New
Загрузить брошюру Grodan Prestige New

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