The Grodan Group places a high priority on sustainable business. And environmental management is an integral part of the sustainable business policy of the Grodan Group. As part of this, the Group has set up a professional (country-specific) recycling service for its clients. This service is designed to guarantee that used stone wool products are recycled responsibly.\

  • During end-of-life processing, the material is segregated into three residual waste fractions: plastic waste, the remains of plants and stone wool granulate.
  • Residual drainage water is carefully separated, so as to prevent it from leaking into surface waters.
  • The organic waste can be used to make products such as compost.
  • The shredded substrate slabs, blocks and plugs are recycled into raw material in a low-energy process for various manufacturing processes like brick, cement, potting compost or soil improver production. Some of this raw material is turned into stone wool briquettes and used in the ROCKWOOL factory to create new stone wool products.
  • The plastic wrapping used for Grodan products is turned into plastic granulate and used in the plastics industry to manufacture refuse bags.

This re-use of resources from end–of-life products not only diverts waste from landfill, but also reduces the consumption of new raw materials, thereby reducing our impact on the environment.

European Ecolabel
Any grower using this recycling service for the disposal of production waste is entitled to use the Euopean Ecolabel of the Grodan Group, the European Union’s environment-friendly label for non-food products, to profile itself as a grower in full compliance with all provisions of environmental law.

Contact the Grodan Customer Service at +31 475 35 30 20 for more information on the recycling service in your country.

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