Expanding possibilities with e-Gro®

Precision Growing always at hand
Grodan introduces e-Gro: an easy to use, mobile app that gives real-time substrate information. e-Gro is a new service from Grodan developed to support customers with a GroSens® multi-sensor system. Customers who need to have real-time reporting on their substrate, now have the opportunity to link their GroSens system to the e-Gro app.

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GroSens MultiSensor System®

Makes precision irrigation possible
The wireless GroSens® multi-sensor system provides 24/7 real-time insight into the water content (WC), electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature of the stone wool substrate. The wireless sensors allow tremendous flexibility to measure in the greenhouse and they are easy to install. The GroSens system is modular to suit each grower’s needs.

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