Welcome to Grodan “Designed to grow” – Grodan launches new branding initiative to focus public and policymaking attention on sustainable, soilless growing to feed and treat the world’s expanding population

Welcome to Grodan International Propagation Seminar 2023:
September 20th & 21st
Welcome to Grodan Is Stone Wool Recyclable? Yes! How Grodan and Walker Environmental Solved a Waste Management Challenge
Welcome to Grodan Whitepaper: The future of medicinal crop cultivation
Welcome to Grodan Whitepaper: How Grodan and Fluence are mastering the art of growing medicinal crops
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Sustainability is in our genes. From the moment we’ve invented stone wool growing we have been facilitating an efficient way of producing food to keep people healthy, with a positive impact on the planet by minimising the use of resources, whilst at the same time helping growers optimise their profit to sustain their businesses in the future.

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Feeding future urban populations - Introducing the vertical farm

Vertical farms are a very promising and sustainable solution to the growing needs for healthy, local foods in (over)populated urban areas. What’s more, at Grodan, we believe vertical farms will play an indispensable role in our future global food production. So, what is it all about?

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By Ellen Seelen
Sustainable Growing

If Grodan were a country

If Grodan were a country, it would be one of the most successful recycling countries in the world. In 2022 alone, Grodan achieved a recycling rate of 65%! By comparison, Germany, considered the most efficient recycling country in the world, has a recycling rate of 68%. Nevertheless, we are not satisfied yet and are working on better and more recycling solutions worldwide.

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Data and horticulture, the evolving industry standard

In summary, utilizing new high-tech devices and software, such as the new Grodan GroSens sensor and e-Gro, in cultivation facilities is vital for achieving precision, efficiency, productivity, compliance, risk mitigation, and maintaining a competitive advantage. These tools empower growers with accurate data and advanced analytics, leading to improved cultivation practices, higher yields, and better crop health.

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Vera Theelen interview - Delphy ISFC strawberries
Sustainable Growing

With the right knowledge and guidelines, eventually it could be possible for all strawberry growers to use stone wool

Due to various challenges facing growers nowadays, it is becoming increasingly interesting to cultivate strawberries in high-tech greenhouses all year round. Stone wool is known to achieve demonstrable benefits as a growing medium for various other protected crops. However, little practical research has been conducted into its suitability for strawberries. That’s why Grodan decided to validate the performance of stone wool growing media in a real-life trial together with the Delphy Innovative Soft Fruit Centre (ISFC) in the Netherlands. We asked Vera Theelen, Researcher Soft Fruit at Delphy ISFC, to tell us more about the trial results so far and their implications for the strawberry market.

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Water Management
Sustainable Growing

World Water Day 2023

This year, the focus of the United Nations observance is how to accelerate the change needed to solve the water and sanitation crisis. The global campaign is called “Be the change”. The aim is to encourage society to take action and change the way we use, consume and manage water. As Grodan, being an active member in this society, our aim is to provide the best solutions and provide high-end services that can support growers to “Grow more, with less” and change towards a sustainable way of growing while respecting natural resources.

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Press Release
13 Jun 2023

“Designed to grow” – Grodan launches new branding initiative to focus public and policymaking attention on sustainable, soilless growing to feed and treat the world’s expanding population

“Designed to grow” – Grodan launches new branding initiative to focus public and policymaking attention on sustainable, soilless growing to feed and treat the world’s expanding population

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KAS magazine interview
12 Jan 2023

Young Grodan employees discuss in KAS magazine their experiences working in horticulture

Two of our young colleagues gave an interview the previous weeks in the special edition of the Dutch KAS magazine about young people working in horticulture. Federico Puksic (Cultivation Specialist) and Emmanouela Alexopoulou (Technical Communications Manager) are two ambitious people that after their studies in Wageningen University they joined Grodan to contribute via their roles in “innovating for a greener and sustainable world”.

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Grodan Plantop NG2.0 Conical Plugs / Standard Plugs
25 Oct 2022

Automation and control are the main focus of the International Propagation Seminar

Grodan has organized the International Propagation Seminar for the 9th time. Plant breeders from home and abroad saw their expectations come true: current topics under the banner of automation and control were on the program. Topics within this theme ranged from robotization during the propagation process, the use of rock wool in strawberry cultivation to climate control and various types of light.

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Plantop NG2.0 Funnel Plug Tray
Press Release
21 Sep 2022

Grodan Launches Vermiculite-Free Plantop NG2.0 Funnel Plug

Grodan Launches Vermiculite-Free Plantop NG2.0 Funnel Plug. Global leader in stone wool growing media solutions Grodan announces the launch of a new Funnel Plug. Unlike other stone wool plugs, the patented Plantop NG2.0 Funnel Plug does not require the propagator to add a layer of vermiculite after seeding. That means excellent results and a cleaner work environment, and is particularly important because vermiculite is becoming increasingly difficult to source.

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18 Mar 2022

Grodan launches new podcast series: Growing a better future

At Grodan, we believe that the greenhouse horticultural sector plays a leading role in the efficient, safe and local production of healthy and sustainable food, now and in the future.

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Grodan, world expo, dubai, horticulture, high-tech
Press Release
01 Feb 2022

Grodan represents Dutch high-tech horticulture at the World Expo 2022 in Dubai

The Dutch horticultural sector binds forces and organizes a full two-day lasting Horticultural program at the Netherlands Pavilion, during the theme-week ‘Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods’ from 17 – 23 February 2022 at the World Expo in Dubai. The first day on Monday 21 February is organized by the public sector and the second day; on Tuesday 22 February is organized by Dutch companies. Grodan, is one of the more than 20 companies that shows how high-tech horticulture can make a sustainable contribution to global food security. The inspiring and interactive program takes place in our price-winning Netherlands Pavilion wherein we combine water, food, and energy. The total program of both Horticultural Days will be broadcast live from the Netherlands Pavilion.

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