Stone and the cultivation of plants go perfectly hand in hand. Transforming and utilising an abundant natural resource to benefit humanity is something we find rather magical and exciting. With Grodan stone wool growing media growers cultivate fresh produce that contribute to the health of consumers around the world. What is it that makes stone wool so special?

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In our brochure ‘7 strengths of stone wool growing media’ we explain why stone wool is perfectly suited for growing healthy and fresh food efficiently and sustainably. And with that the growing media to feed a growing population. Each strength is explained and enriched with links to other publications. In that way you can read much more on topics related to this story.

In this journey we take you by the hand and enlighten you on 7 strengths of stone wool growing. Which are these?

  • A uniform growing medium – thanks to a perfectly controlled manufacturing process. This makes the quality and properties of Grodan stone wool and this leads to precise plant behaviour thanks to an excellent root zone management
  • Water saving properties – we are all aware that water is a precious source. Stone wool is an inert medium and the water including nutrient solution that it holds is in its entirety available to the plants.
  • Respect for biodiversity – At a time when biodiversity is under threat, we are proud to be contributing to the safeguarding of our ecosystems
  • A bountiful natural resource – Every year the earth produces 38,000 times more basalt than ROCKWOOL uses to produce stone
  • Transparency and proximity – Grodan factories operate in accordance with the highly stringent European regulations for working conditions and product quality
  • 100% recyclable - one of the reasons our growing media are awarded the EU Ecolabel is because it is recyclable
  • Food safety compliant – food safety has never been this crucial in today’s world. Renowned institutes ensure that our products do not pose any threats to either humans

We believe we inspired you to read further and to discover much more on the seven strengths of our stone wool growing media. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

By significantly increasing yields per square meter, crops grown on stone wool growing media are a means of supporting the planet’s growing demand for food by using a smaller
surface area.

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