e-Gro latest release: redesigned dashboard for data driven crop steering

As we’ve entered the spring season, the harvest season will start soon for many growers. The e-Gro team recently launched a new product release with new features which will help growers providing more insights during the busy harvest season. We’re very excited to share with you the latest improvements in the Dashboard Module. Click on the video below for more insights on the latest e-Gro Release.

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About the Dashboard Module

In order to improve crop yield and quality you must have a targeted water and nutrient supply strategy. This can be achieved by accurately steering substrate water content (WC), the rootzone temperature and the electrical conductivity (EC) in line with the incumbent climatic conditions and generative / vegetative plant balance. This release will answer questions that may be keeping you up at night: Is my irrigation strategy being implemented properly? Is this the best strategy for optimum growing? How much should I water and when? With our improved dashboard growers will now have a quick and easy overview of their applied irrigation strategy on a daily basis. Next to this, the dashboard gives quick insights into the status of the plants. This helps you to figure out if you are heading in the right direction with your chosen growing strategy, while always remaining mindful of the constantly changing conditions.

The dashboard is built up in actuals (what is happening), trends (what has happened) and projections (what will happen) and advice. All facets on your dashboard show you where and how you need to steer your crop, whether it be vegetative, generative or neutral.