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Grodan Plantop, Kalisz session December 2020, Poland

A two-day propagation seminar organised every year by Grodan

Its aim as always, is to provide propagators from around the world with a unique opportunity to catch up on the latest technological developments within the industry and to strengthen global networks.

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Shaping Success: Smart-lighting for Propagation
Theoharis Ouzounis, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), RED Horticulture

In the world of growing young plants, achieving success involves caring for many different crops simultaneously. Each plant has specific needs for light, both in terms of intensity and spectrum. To overcome this challenge, smart-lighting strategies become crucial for success in propagation. This presentation will explain how to adjust lighting to meet the unique requirements of different cultivars and development stages; offering insights into the positive effects of smart-lighting and it's results in propagation.

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Option 2: Choice of root stock in the fight against Rugose
Jan Kamper, Market Development Lead, Bayer Crop Science

To be announced!

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Option 1: Grafting: tomato and cucumber   
Johan Bruins, Grafting Specialist, Dutch Horti Support

Grafting is an important phase in the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. Cucumber and tomato plants  are mainly grafted to provide resistance to diseases or give more power and production. There are a lot of ways to graft and heal the plants. But how important is the quality of the rootstock and scion before grafting? Johan will talk about it!

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Option 1: Strawberry forever: navigating challenges and opportunities across time.
Petra van der Goes,  R&D Manager at Genson

This presentation will explore the dynamic landscape of strawberry cultivation. Looking into historical challenges, current practices and opportunities, it will track the evolution of strawberry farming. From early agricultural practices to present advancements in technology and sustainability. The presentation will highlight the resilience of growers in overcoming pests, diseases, and environmental factors. Emphasizing innovation in cultivation techniques, it underscores the importance of adaptation in a changing world.

Option 2: Pinching tomatoes
Joost Haenen, Propagation specialist at Grodan

Successfully propagating uniform tomato plants involves steering numerous factors and can be a real challenge for propagators. Ultimately, growers expect to receive uniform plants. Uniformity depends on various elements, and the pinching strategy has a crucial effect on the plant-model. By joining this interactive session Joost will examine the complexities of pinching. What are the methods of pinching? Which factors influence the pinching strategy? In what manner can a propagator, achieve the goal of plant uniformity?

New technologies in stone wool block production
Kurt Van Durme, Product Development Manager Grodan

The water characteristics of Grodan stone wool products are crucial parameters in horticultural applications. Both water uptake as well as water retention, and thus irrigation efficiency are determined by the product composition (chemically and structurally). Even though Grodan products already excel in product uniformity additional improvement could be achieved by introducing some recent technological innovations at the stone wool production lines. By doing so the product homogeneity has further improved. This causes an enhanced reliability, enabling a higher irrigation confidence and consequently more precise steering.

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Adding nuance to the perception of seed quality and plant characteristics in high-tech tomato plant raising
James Du Preez (Client Manager at Rijk Zwaan)   

The advent of ToBRFV in high-tech tomato cultivation and the successes in developing resistant varieties have propagators facing new challenges.  Endless numbers of new tomato varieties and fast changing commercial tomato varieties, put plant raisers face-to-face with unknown variables.  During the upcoming Grodan Propagation Summit, Rijk Zwaan will give a presentation and discuss how the advent of ToBRFV is affecting the perception of seed quality and plant characteristics of tomatoes in the high-tech plant raising industry.  We will touch on the sources of resistance, the needs of the market, the factors affecting seed quality, plant characteristics and the plant raiser as crucial link in the chain.

Van der Valk hotel Dordrecht

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