Thumbnail vlog Grodan Botany 2024

Watch the vlogs on low energy tomato growing under full-LED lights.

Grodan is collaborating with Signify and other partners (BASF Vegetable Seeds, Ridder, Normec Groen Agro-Control and Wireless value) to define how an LED-winter crop can produce high yields of high-quality fruits. Watch the videos to learn more.

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Thumbnail Signify Botany 2024

Philips - Lighting

Thumbnail Ridder Botany 2024

Ridder – Climate compute

Thumbnail Wireless value Botany 2024

Wireless value - Data collection

Thumbnail BASF Botany 2024 vlog

BASF – Variety selection

Thumbnail NGAC Botany 2024 vlog

Normec Groen Agro Control – Nutrients

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