Grodan launches software platform e-Gro

February 19, 2019

Data driven decision making in the greenhouse becomes reality!

e-Gro open software platform

ROERMOND, February 19, 2019 - Today Grodan, part of the ROCKWOOL Group, launches the open software platform e-Gro. This digital innovation gives greenhouse growers smarter insights into the greenhouse, allowing an even more efficient cultivation. E-Gro is officially launched during the HortiContact 2019 trade show.

Better overview, better decisions and more control

Today, a lot of data is available in the greenhouse. To combine these and to be able to make the right growing decisions is complex and requires a great deal of time from the grower. Up to now. After the introduction of the e-Gro app, Grodan is taking the next digital step with the e-Gro software platform. This provides insight into the available data in the greenhouse and gives a complete and clear picture of what happens to the root zone, the crop, the climate and production. This gives a grower more control as well as he can make more informed decisions to optimize the cultivation strategy and to increase the yields.

Digital transformation in the greenhouse

The launch of the e-Gro software platform does not stand alone. In 1969 - this year 50 years ago - Grodan was at the basis of sustainable horticulture by making it possible to grow on stone wool. With the launch of e-Gro, Grodan is now also at the forefront of the digital transformation in the greenhouse world-wide: data-driven cultivation via an intelligent software platform is now becoming reality.

The platform is the result of a continuous focus on the principle of Precision Growing: the plant gets exactly what it needs for water and food. This leads to more efficiency, an improved cultivation strategy and thus less impact on the environment. With e-Gro, Grodan is committed to further increasing the sustainability of the cultivation process, through data-driven Precision Growing.

Developed together

The ROCKWOOL Group and Grodan have made a significant investment and have set up a special

e-Gro development team. This team has developed the product in close cooperation with the horticulturists and greenhouse horticulture. The result is a groundbreaking new product that makes a next step in high-tech cultivation possible. Wilbert van Bussel, General Manager at grower company Wim Peters and involved in the development of e-Gro: "E-Gro brings together data from various systems, establishes the link between them and that helps me to make informed choices." Based on feedback, the software platform is continuously developed and new features are added. E-Gro can be linked to the most common climate computer systems and is available for both smartphone, tablet and desktop.

In short, Grodan has been at the forefront of crop optimization for 50 years, with a strong focus on precision cultivation. After the earlier development and successful introduction of data driven technologies in the greenhouse such as the Grodan Water Content Meter (WCM), the Grodan 6-Phase advice model and GroSens MultiSensor, the renewed e-Gro platform is now the next logical step in data driven Precision Growing .

E-Gro is officially launched for the Benelux market at the HortiContact 2019 trade show.

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e-Gro, the software platform for data driven Precision Growing

The practicalities of combining different data inputs from the greenhouse tend to make things more complicated and time consuming than they need to be. Until now. Because the new e-Gro software platform unifies greenhouse data from different sources and provides real-time intelligence and insight that will help you accelerate decision-making.

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