Advanced Cultivation Technology

ACT represents a dynamic collaboration among industry titans, uniting to deliver top-tier services and products tailored to the ever-evolving horticulture sector. By combining their strengths, these industry leaders form a formidable alliance committed to excellence. Their collective mission centers on fostering connections within the horticultural community, bridging the gap between suppliers and growers. This not only facilitates valuable networking opportunities but also serves as an educational platform, imparting knowledge about the most cutting-edge technologies and best practices in the field.


World Horti Center

World Horti Center is the global knowledge and innovation centre for international greenhouse horticulture. It’s a place where businesses, education, research and public authorities innovate, connect, inspire and share knowledge together. Their work focuses on finding solutions to relevant social issues such as water, the supply of food, food safety, well-being and sustainability. Every year World Horti Center welcomes around 30,000 visitors from all over the world who come to gather inspiration and ideas from the knowledge and innovation on offer here.

World horti center

Stop the Food Fight

With the Stop the Food Fight project we are working in various ways to write the new sustainable food story. Not a discussion of facts, but a discussion of values, in which we move beyond compartmentalization and respect and listen to each other. Because if we give space to different stories and approaches, we can strengthen each other by using our knowledge to alleviate each other's concerns and achieve our shared goal: providing the world with sufficient healthy and sustainable food, on a planet that is flourishing.

Stop the food fight


GLOBALG.A.P. is a brand of smart farm assurance solutions built on a portfolio of standards for safe and responsible production processes in agriculture, aquaculture, and floriculture. Our holistic approach to certification is developed through extensive collaboration with sector experts. GLOBALG.A.P. activities are supported by a rigorous integrity program and a network of more than 430 GLOBALG.A.P. Community Member organizations from across global value chains. In addition, our dedicated capacity-building program equips producers around the world with practical knowledge about responsible farming practices, enabling them to achieve certification, meet evolving market requirements, and contribute to international sustainability goals.


Farm Tech Society

FarmTech Society unites the Controlled Environment Agriculture Sector, The Farm Tech Society (FTS) is an international non-profit sectoral association that unites, supports and represents the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) sector (CEA being the sector, agriculture being industry), seeking to strengthen the pre-competitive collaboration through the development and implementation of a harmonized narrative, feasible standards and workforce profile as well as for a validated recognition of the sector for and by the members.

Farmtech society

CEA Alliance

The Controlled Environment Agriculture Alliance (CEA Alliance) is a membership trade association representing and serving vertical farms and greenhouse producers growing fruits and vegetables in a highly controlled indoor production environment.

Controlled environment growers employ a variety of agricultural production methods and technology to create optimal growing conditions with rigorous environmental controls. Growers utilize innovative technologies such as hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and soil-based systems to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. CEA producers work to deliver the freshest, best-tasting, and most nutritious fruits and vegetables to consumers, with the least environmental impact; reducing use of water, land and other scarce resources; and employing the most rigorous practices to ensure the safety of our products

CEA alliance

Recourse Innovation Institute

Resource Innovation Institute (RII) is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership advancing climate resilience. RII provides resource efficiency education, training and verification services, in collaboration with CEA producers, researchers, governments, utilities, and the design & construction sector.

Resource innovation institute


RHP has been the European knowledge centre for growing media since 1963  RHP certified substrates guarantee an optimal start of the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees that the substrate meets the right quality requirements for water and air content, pH and for example EC. It also guarantees that the substrate is pure and clean and that it can be used without risks for the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees the quality of growing media in the chain, from raw materials production until processing and delivery at the company of the user.

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Growing Media Europe

The growing media industry is committed to working on the removal of existing trade barriers that are impeding the full development of growing media intra-EU trade flows. Growing media and soil improvers are currently produced exclusively under national law, which differs considerably from one Member State to the next. The members of Growing Media Europe AISBL (GME) have thus been promoting since several years a European harmonisation to create a level playing field and lower intra-EU trade barriers for the sector.

Growing media Europe


AmericanHort truly represents the entire horticulture industry, including breeders, greenhouse and nursery growers, retailers, distributors, interior and exterior landscapers, florists, students, educators, researchers, manufacturers, and all of those who are part of the industry market chain. We are the leading national association for the green industry, and AmericanHort works tirelessly to connect the industry across states and segments, giving you opportunities that expand your network and resources.

American Hort

BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association

British Columbia’s greenhouse vegetable growers share the goal of all farmers: working to produce food in a sustainable way. Our growers promote stable and prosperous farm families and communities as well as environmental and agricultural stewardship.

BC Greenhouse


The Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture AC is an Organization that represents nearly 300 companies located in 22 states of the Mexican Republic, related to the production, packaging, distribution, as well as the marketing of fresh vegetables produced under protected schemes in Mexico. 


Cultivation for Compounds

Vertify, Cultivators and World Horti Center have formed the consortium Cultivation For Compounds, together with a group of dedicated suppliers. This consortium has committed to a four year research and representation program on Medicinal crop Cultivation. The research program into the cultivation of Medicinal crops for compounds has recently started at Vertify. 

Cultivation for compounds

Cannabis Council of Canada

The Cannabis Council of Canada ('C3') is the national and international representative of Canada’s licensed producers and processors of medicinal crops. C3’s mission is to promote industry standards, support the development, growth, and integrity of the regulated medical crop industry, and serve as an important resource on issues related to responsible use for medical and non-medical purposes.



The representative for France of companies supplying fertilizing materials and innovative inputs for sustainable plant crops. Professional union of players in the growing media, mulch, organic amendments, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers and biostimulants sector


Légumes de France

Vegetable producers created the National Federation of Vegetable Producers (FNPL) in 1946, which became Légumes de France in 2008, in order to defend and promote their profession. It brings together vegetable producers throughout France and represents all production intended to be marketed fresh, regardless of the mode of production (greenhouse grower, "open field" producer, vegetable grower, market gardener) and the form of marketing (producer organization, shipping, physical market, direct sales, etc.).

Les producteurs de legumes de France


The VPN is the industry and interest organization of the Dutch substrate sector. The VPN and its members stand for high quality substrates, which are a prerequisite for healthy growth of all plants.

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AVAG is the association of the Dutch greenhouse construction and technology. The Netherlands is a globally respected supplier of integrated growing systems, components and associated services. The AVAG affiliated companies sucessfully export their products worldwide and form the basis of years of experience and knowledge that has become invaluable for the industry. AVAG represents the common interests of our members and support them in the areas of quality, innovation and internationalization.

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LTO Dutch Greenhouses

Dutch greenhouse horticulture is a powerful and innovative sector. Dutch growers grow vegetables, flowers and plants in a responsible manner to promote the health and well-being of consumers in Europe and beyond. Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands represents the sector.

Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands unites and supports entrepreneurs with its main activities lobbying towards national, provincial and regional governments, stimulating knowledge development and inspiring entrepreneurs through knowledge exchange.

LTO glastuinbouw Nederland

Dutch Greenhouse Delta

Dutch Greenhouse Delta has the ambition to contribute to the provision of sufficiently healthy, affordable, nutritious and safe food, produced sustainably and locally. We focus on three main regions; China, India and the Gulf region. In these regions, sustainable and efficient local food production is a top priority.

Dutch greenhouse delta


The Hortivation foundation is focused on technical innovations and knowledge management in the greenhouse design and construction industry. Affiliated companies operate internationally and are actively developing the worldwide supply of high-quality greenhouse systems for the production of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. It is Hortivation’s mission to make strategic innovations quickly available to the sector as a whole and to work together with the companies to safeguard the Netherlands’ leading position in the area of integrated growing systems.


The ‘Club van 100'

The ‘Club van 100 - leading in horticultural innovation’ is a collaboration between Dutch suppliers in the horticultural industry which develop knowledge in cooperation with the Business Unit Horticulture and Flower Bulbs of Wageningen University & Research institute in such a way that it creates business for the members. We inspire and create solutions that contribute to more sustainable cultivation and future-fit entrepreneurship for growers worldwide.