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Gursel Karakor, Senior Data Scientist e-Gro

Digital data cultivation, analysis and automation are the future of the greenhouse. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science will result in game-changing efficiencies and yield improvements. But what exactly are these technologies, how do they work and how can you, as a grower, actually make use of them?


What to expect from this trendpaper?
In this trendpaper, Gursel Karacor, Senior Data Scientist at Grodan, zooms in on:

  • five reasons why AI will transform the greenhouse industry and what these trends and developments mean for growers.
  • He addresses common misconceptions, busting myths and providing truths.
  • Lastly, Karacor explains the combination of plant and data science and outlines practical resources and tips on how to successfully get started.

Download the whitepaper

According to Karacor, AI, and its subsets, which include machine and deep learning, supported by imaging and automatization (robots) can automate much of the insight gathering and decision making for better predictions, recommendations and forecasting. Much of the work and data collection, like crop planting, registration and harvesting, being executed in greenhouses is currently still performed manually. This is tedious and time consuming work, prone to errors and inefficiencies. Want to learn more about this topic? Download the whitepaper on this page.