e-Gro AI-Driven Yield Forecaster: Predicting the Future Without Guesswork

Gursel Karacor
Gursel Karacor
January 1, 1

What if you could predict the future of your harvest based on data? What if you could plan ahead and make more data-driven decisions that saves time and takes away the guesswork? Due to a high demand for this type of technology, Grodan recently improved the Yield Forecaster in the e-Gro Essential Package in order to make this dream a reality. This module is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is uniquely tailored to your greenhouse. The power of AI allows us to correlate historical data with current situation, something that is impossible to do accurately without technology.

The AI Driven model

e-Gro’s Yield Forecaster can add real value by predicting yield based on a combination of historical data. The innovative technology analyzes all the available data in your greenhouse, finds patterns and unlocks critical factors that influence yield. Simply put, it predicts your weekly harvest (kg/m2) into the future: 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks out. And best of all? The module starts making predictions from the first moment you input data. Below I’ll take you through all the benefits of this exceptional technology and we’ll take a look at what the future holds.

Planning for success, anytime, anywhere

Making sure you have the right budget predictions, price calculations and labor planning is often challenging, time-consuming and difficult. Conditions in a greenhouse change constantly due to both indoor factors, such as climate, type of greenhouse and labor, and outdoor conditions, such as wind, sunlight and CO₂ levels. All of these factors affect the growth of your plants and, consequently, the quality and quantity of your harvested crops. These conditions change every day, so anticipating your next steps can be difficult. So how will the new Yield Forecaster module help you?

The Future of AI & Yield Prediction

Based on the experiences, data, and feedback from the market we continually improve e-Gro and the Yield Forecaster module. We are making great progress and are continually able to make use of more data and more variables. Within just one year we realized an enormous improvement in the accuracy of the model, which is a significant achievement.

Curious for more? Download the brochure on e-Gro’s Yieldforecaster via the banner or request a free trial of e-Gro via www.grodan.com/e-Gro.

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