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Vertical farming in Antalya: ‘Everybody can be farmer, even in the middle of a big city’

At Grodan, we work with growers from all over the world. Vertical farming has recently gained a lot of attention amongst these growers worldwide, including in Turkey. That’s why we spoke with Erdem Aksan, Plant Factory Managing Director at Farminova Plant Factories, to hear what it’s like to start a vertical farm in Turkey (Antalya). Farminova produces eco-friendly and sustainable plants with minimum use of water to yield high quality crops. In this Gro-Hack, Erdem tells us everything about ‘Agriculture 4.0’, what he calls the fourth phase of agriculture, and his personal views on this.

What do we need to know about Farminova Plant Factories?

“Last year we opened a big ‘plant factory’ in Antalya with a capacity to produce 5,000 lettuces per day. And a showroom where everybody can meet. We produce lettuce, spinach, basil, rocket, kale, mushrooms and strawberries, but unlike conventional farming, we produce eco-friendly and sustainable plants with minimum use of water to yield high quality crops. We call it Agriculture 4.0, the fourth phase of agriculture. We want to pave the way for farming in indoor facilities and grow in a healthy, safe and consistent way, but without polluting the environment.”

Why is vertical farming so important?

“More and more people are moving to the big cities. And by 2050, these people will have a hard time to have access to their food. Also, an increasing number of consumers – not only in Europe - want to buy ‘local’ and clean produce, so products without the use of pesticides. It's a major challenge to serve all these consumers. Conventional agriculture is already trying to meet the world’s food demands. Our soil, water and air will be polluted by that time, along with the food we consume. That’s a big threat to the growing world population. I believe vertical farming can be the answer.”

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