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Grodan, Part of the ROCKWOOL Group, continues the introduction of the Next Generation 2.0 (NG2.0) substrate technology.

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NG2.0 is the latest growing media technology from Grodan and enables propagators and growers to produce more while using less water, nutrients and space. 

NG2.0 is the successor of the Next Generation Technology and adds new benefits. Water distribution is more uniform and a better utilisation of the entire substrate volume by the crop is ensured. Continuous growth of new roots in both block and slab result in a healthy and vigorous crop throughout the growing season. These benefits translate to higher yields, improved fruit quality and reduce the sensitivity of the crop to diseases.After a phased introduction, this technology is now worldwide available and covers the complete product range of Grodan.

What does NG2.0 substrate technology offer to growers?

  • Faster initial wetting
  • Quick and effective distribution of water and nutrients
  • Better use of the entire substrate

The next step in Precision Growing

With a growing world population opting to eat more healthy food, the demand for sustainably produced fresh vegetables increases. Precision Growing enables growers to produce more while using less water, nutrients and space. The benefits NG2.0 offer can therefore be considered as the next step in Precision Growing.

The response to NG2.0 has been very positive. Rob Moors from Kwekerij Moors: ”With NG2.0 both the horizontal as well as the vertical water distribution improves and enables the plant making better use of the entire substrate volume”. Hub Janssen, Managing Director Grodan: “Sustainable growing is in our genes. The NG2.0 technology is therefore the logical next step in our Precision Growing philosophy as it enables growers to achieve even more with less.”  

NG2.0 now worldwide available for all Grodan growing media

After a phased introduction, the range of NG2.0 technology products is now widely available.

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