What is stone wool?

Stone wool is a mineral wool made of volcanic rock. Stone wool consists of 5% solid material in the form of stone fibres. The remaining 95% is made up of pores.

How is stone wool made?

The basic materials for our stone wool are basalt and limestone. These are melted to form lava in an oven with a temperature of 1,500°C. The lava is then poured over a number of fast-rotating discs. Thanks to the centrifugal force, the drops fly off the discs and lengthen to form fibres. The process can be compared with candy floss being made at a fair. The fibres are then compressed to form a sturdy mass, from which the slabs and blocks are then cut.

Why is stone wool suited for growing vegetables?

Our stone wool growing media are designed for Precision Growing in a greenhouse. Precision Growing focuses on ‘root zone management’, or in other words, steering of the root environment. Everything that happens in the stone wool substrate has an impact on the functioning of the root environment and therefore the development of the plant. So, we continually investigate how our products, tools and user advice can respond perfectly to changing circumstances, so that the plant is given the very best care, without wasting resources.

Precision Growing

What is Precision Growing?

Precision Growing is the most efficient and effective form of growing focused on using minimum input materials to generate maximum output. Growing costs decrease, crop yield and quality increase. What's more, this form of growing actively contributes to sustainable horticulture.

It is possible to steer crops in a generative direction?

There are a number of tools growers can use to steer plant balance, i.e. climate, labour and root zone management. The key is to align all three for maximum benefit. It is worth noting that every irrigation you apply results in a vegetative plant reaction. In this respect having the ability to target irrigation specifically to the needs of the crop is crucial in steering plant balance.


How to install e-Gro?

Update your smartbox to the latest version (1901 1901or higher)

Activate your e-Gro account 

Download e-Gro app on Google Play or AppStore

Where to download the e-Gro app?

e-Gro is accessible from your desktop, smartphone or tablet, and is designed to work on both iOS and Android devices.


Click on the relevant link to download e-Gro from the Google Play or the App Store

How can I activate my account?

Use your email address as the user name. This is the e-mail address to which the activation email was sent to.


If you forgot your password you can reset it using the app or Portal.

I am not able to log-in to e-Gro?

Did you use the correct email address with the set password?

Contact Grodan customer service team to verify your username, contact Support

Please indicate what username and password you used that did not work, as well as your smartbox number (eg S0 150221 - The smartbox number is indicated in the bottom left in the display of the smartbox – see picture below)

I followed the installation procedure, but e-Gro still does not work?

Make sure you have updated the operating system on your mobile device to the latest version.

Make sure you have updated the GroSens system to version 2.0.1901 or higher.

If the problem persists please contact Grodan customer service for more support.

e-Gro works but I don’t see any data?

Make sure you have installed the latest software version 2.0.1901 or higher on your smartbox.

If the problem persists please contact Grodan customer service for more Support

Why am I not receiving push notifications?

Make sure you have configured your setpoins
Make sure the app push notification permission are configured correctly.

  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll down to the e-Gro app Settings
  • Tap your e-Gro app.
  • Tap Notifications
  • enable allow Notifications


  • Click or tap Apps > Settings > MORE.
  • Click or tap Application manager > DOWNLOADED.
  • Click or tap your e-Gro app.
  • Click or tap Show notifications to enable or disable push notifications.

If the problem remains contact our support at

The app does not work?

Make sure your device OS is up to date.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app.

If the problem remains contact our support at


How to update my smartbox?

Login to your smartbox.

Go to system in the smartbox menu.

Click on update, the system will automatically search for new software versions.

A green bar indicates that a new software version is available.

The software version currently installed is indicated in the bottom left corner of each GroSens page together with the smartbox number.

To use the e-Gro you need software version 2.0.1901 or higher

After the update restart your smartbox, this can be done by clicking on “restart ”in the menu “ system

I am not able to update my smartbox?

In this case we can help you by updating the smartbox remotely. To enable us to do this, please switch on the VPN-mode on your smartbox and contact Grodan customer service.


Push the button on the bottom left , his will take you through a menu in the display.

Stop when “enable VPN” appears in the display

Push the right top button “checkmark symbol”

When the marked symbol below appears in the right bottom corner the VPN is turned on

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