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water properties, 7 strenghts, waterfall, rocks
By Stefanie Wienhoven|Circularity|Water management

From waste to raw material – re-using water

According to the United Nations (UN), water is the primary medium through which we will experience the effects of climate change

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By Paulina Florax|e-Gro

On the way to an autonomous greenhouse (part 2)

Data in the greenhouse is growing in importance as a means for optimizing plants. In part 1 of this blog, Head of Chair Group Horticulture and Product Physiology of Wageningen UR Leo Marcelis spoke about the growing use of data and measurements by growers.

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By Paulina Florax|e-Gro

On the way to an autonomous greenhouse (part 1)

Optimizing plants is a grower’s daily task. Many growers make frequent use of Wageningen University’s knowledge for it. Professor Leo Marcelis has been researching plants in greenhouse horticulture at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

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By Paulina Florax|e-Gro

From green fingers to data-driven cultivation

In the world of marketing terms such as data mining, AI or machine learning have gained a solid foothold. But their increasing use in horticulture is quite new. Not so strange, since the sector demands new business models in order to realize the transformation from green fingers to data management in the greenhouse. The nice thing is that it’s possible. Let us explain why.

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grodan, nature, water, bigger picture, waterfall
By Stefanie Wienhoven|Water Management

Make better use of your water!

22 March is always World Water Day, a day for increasing awareness of the value of water. In the Netherlands too, the consequences of the extremely dry summer of 2018 are still being felt. As of March 2019, our water supply is still not up to its normal level. The University of Twente recently published an article in Nieuwe Oogst (“New Harvest”, an agricultural news forum) entitled ‘Water here as scarce as in Saudi Arabia’.

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Grodan, Precision Growing, Agriculture, Plants
By Jan Simonsen|Water Management

The secret to using less water in agriculture

Ever wondered how to do agriculture with less water? Read on to discover the solution.

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