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Grodan greenhouse roof
By Madison Walker|Sustainable Growing

USDA Report Validates that Water Circularity Strategies Can Result in Greater than 90% Water Savings

Grodan was proud to participate in the first of its kind report that validates the water savings potential in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Led by the Resource Innovation Institute (RII),

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Cost optimisation campaign PL
By Krzysztof Fatel|Sustainable Growing

Control of the pH level in the root environment

Cultivating in stone wool provides full control over nutrient levels. With regular analysis, growers monitor pH and EC, crucial for influencing plant growth. pH management tips are crucial for optimal results.

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Grodan, greenhouse, energy saving, plant activity, article, news
By Ryszard Łukowicz|Water Management|Sustainable Growing

Drippers made to meet specific needs

Choosing greenhouse drippers is crucial for irrigation systems. Despite similarities, brands vary in mechanisms and applications. Understanding differences ensures the best fit for each use.

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By Krzysztof Fatel|Sustainable Growing

Grey mould – an autumn threat to crops

Botrytis cinerea, a fungus causing grey mold, is a major threat to crops. Overwintering in soil, it attacks various plants, making it a top-ten agricultural pathogen.

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Customer Service Poland
By Krzysztof Fatel|Sustainable Growing

What does the CEE&E supply chain for Grodan products look like?

Efficient delivery of cultivation slabs and blocks from Malkinia factory to growers is crucial for timely supply. Due to popular planting months, logistics face challenges in a short, intense period.

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Plantop blocks with small plants, propagation
By Krzysztof Fatel|Water Management|Sustainable Growing

Crop controlling in autumn

In the late production stages, nutrient and water requirements change. Reduced sun exposure in autumn can lead to production problems. Over-irrigation risks crop loss and tomato fruit quality issues.

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