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egro, grodan, software manual
30 Mar 2021

Redesigned dashboard for optimal crop steering

As we’ve entered the spring season, the harvest season will start soon for many growers. The e-Gro team recently launched a new product release with new features which will help growers providing more insights during the busy harvest season. We’re very excited to share with you the latest improvements in the Dashboard Module.

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GroSens and GT Master slab
19 Mar 2021

Every drop counts: valuing water in the greenhouse

On World Water Day, we highlight three solutions that are currently being explored to optimize water usage in the greenhouse.

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grodan, wall, stone, stock image, brick wall,
26 Feb 2021

Grodan’s recycling top-3 according to ‘guru’ Tom Vitters

‘Guru’ Tom Vitters about recycling highlights at Grodan in 2020

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grodan, science day, sustainable, horticulture
18 Nov 2020

High-tech greenhouse scores highest on the environment and sustainable development

November 22, 2020 - Research plays an important role at Grodan and is aimed at making our products and production method even more sustainable and efficient. We also find it important to investigate how the horticultural sector as a whole can contribute to more sustainable and efficient food production. That is why today, during World Science Day, we are offering a preview of an important study that was conducted this year by our partner Wageningen University & Research and made possible by Grodan.

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grodan, photo, precision growing, blog, piet van adrichem
07 Oct 2020

Precision growing by Piet van Adrichem

Our world population is growing every single day, and an increasing number of people need access to healthy and nutritious food. At Grodan, we believe that more sustainable food production is a critical solution for this worldwide challenge.

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Grodan, product
23 Jun 2020

Growing media sector presents ambitious agenda for the future

Grodan is member of the Dutch Potting Soil and Substrate Manufacturers Association (VPN). The objective of this association is to continuously improve the substrate sector. As such we, alongside with the other members, determine the policy agenda for growing media. During the member’s council, late June, the policy agenda “A strong, indispensable basis” was presented.

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