The promising future of strawberry cultivation

After the classic greenhouse vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers), strawberries are also on the rise in high-tech greenhouses. Due to the extensive knowledge that has been gained and the emergence of new techniques, the crop has great potential for year-round cultivation under glass. Not only does this allow growers to better control their strawberry  production, but it can also maintain quality and cost-efficiency.

While there are already many positive developments in the production of strawberries within the sector, growers still face several challenges. How can they make the crops more resistant to extreme weather conditions, deal with the pressure on the labor market, and changing regulations? And how can new techniques, such as data-driven cultivation and robotics, offer a solution?

In this Food Forward, we discuss the possibilities and challenges of growing strawberries in the greenhouse with three experts from the sector: Dieter Baets, Data Analyst and researcher Strawberries at Proefcentrum Hoogstraten, Ronald de Meester, Operational Director at Genson, and Hans Baekelmans, Crop Consultant at Grodan. They give updates on the latest trends and developments in greenhouse strawberry cultivation, and share their predictions for future-proof, efficient strawberry cultivation.

Where the magic happens: unlock the potential of data driven decision making

Data science and AI technologies present us with so many opportunities to collect and mine data in the greenhouse. This paper will help you begin your journey to get the best out of your greenhouse data. There’s a bright future ahead!

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