The greenhouse in ten years

The horticultural sector is already a pioneer when it comes to sustainable, clean and safe food production. But how is the sector going to make the transition to a fully circular production system in the coming ten years?

While the industry is well on its way to become circular, there are a few bottlenecks we still need to overcome if we want to truly close our production cycles. The sector’s main challenge is to manage the in- and outgoing (material) flows in the greenhouse, including those of fertilizers and CO₂. Additionally, greenhouses also have high energy needs and too much plastic is currently being used and thrown away in the sector. How can we overcome these bottlenecks?

In this Food Forward we discuss the bottlenecks and possible solutions for this transition with three experts from the sector: dr. Wouter Verkerke, senior scientific researcher at the Business Unit Horticulture at the Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Peter Spoor, Director Applications and Development at Grodan and Sander van Golberdinge, Public Affairs Manager at Grodan. They also discuss new research and opportunities in the sector, including the potential use of micro-organisms and organic growing solutions in rootzones, the development of the ingredient farm and the cultivation of strawberries and lettuce in the greenhouse.

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Where the magic happens: unlock the potential of data driven decision making

Data science and AI technologies present us with so many opportunities to collect and mine data in the greenhouse. This paper will help you begin your journey to get the best out of your greenhouse data. There’s a bright future ahead!

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Food Forward: circular horticulture

How is the horticultural sector making the transition towards the circular economy? In this Food Forward paper, three experts look at this question from three angles: present, past and future.

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Food Forward: The promising future of strawberry cultivation

In this Food Forward, we discuss the possibilities and challenges of growing strawberries in the greenhouse with three experts from the sector: Dieter Baets, Data Analyst and researcher Strawberries at Proefcentrum Hoogstraten, Ronald de Meester, Operational Director at Genson, and Hans Baekelmans, Crop Consultant at Grodan. They give updates on the latest trends and developments in greenhouse strawberry cultivation, and share their predictions for future-proof, efficient strawberry cultivation.

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