e-Gro Q1 release: Optimized irrigation strategies including a redesigned Conditions Module

We hope you’ve had great first yields and are successfully entering your new harvest plans into the e-Gro. Collecting and analysing data is more important than ever when optimizing your growing strategy. This is why we do our best to help you continuously improve your crop performance by releasing updates. The Q1 release focuses on the latest users experience trends according to our UX lead, Eloy Harst, and feedback from growers like you. The improved way data, insights and advice is captured and displayed will help to optimize your growing strategy. The quicker and easier you can see your climate and rootzone insights including yield predictions and your plant growth, the more analysis and time you save and more sustainably you grow.

Check out the video below for more info about the Q1 release.

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e-Gro Q1 Release: How To Guide

Download the PDF how to guide Q1 to explore more about this improvement.

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