Our roots in sustainable growing

Little girl in supermarket smelling fresh tomotoes

Grodan supplies innovative and sustainable growing media solutions for professional growers and home gardeners. For almost 50 years our team has been dedicated to creating the optimal environment for roots resulting in healthy and strong plants. We are driven by developing the most sustainable growing solutions and by making these accessible to communities across the globe. This is our contribution to a future-proof horticulture that will provide people around the world with access to healthy food not only today but for generations to come.

Our growing media solutions are designed for Precision Growing, which is the most sustainable way of growing. This is all about giving the plant exactly what it needs. This effective way of growing leads to a better yield and quality of fresh produce while at the same time using valuable resources in the most efficient way.

As such Grodan brings the best of sustainability together, facilitating an efficient way of producing nutritious food to keep people healthy, with a positive impact on the planet by minimising the use of resources, whilst at the same time helping growers optimise their profit to sustain their businesses in the future.

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