At CANN Group, we transitioned our Melbourne indoor facility's production system to Grodan rockwool in 2019 and instantaneously achieved a 20% increase in biomass while maintaining crop quality. Since the update to the Grodan Max product range, we've achieved a steady increase in yield through the optimisation of our crop-steering strategy for each of our unique cultivars. For our team, the key advantage of the Grodan's media is the consistency of the product and precise control we can achieve at our crop's rootzone regarding water content, EC and pH using the GroSens platform. This makes it possible to deliver the perfect balance of generative stress and yield-rewarding comfort to each of our unique crop chemotypes.

260221 GR-PROD 133

Due for completion late-2021, our Mildura Facility's nutrient recycle and table/block automation system has been designed around Grodan's rockwool media. The new Grodan Max range will enable our team to reduce our grow media input volume substantially (5 x reduction compared to non-rockwool media per sqm.) and minimise our risks to nuisance pests, such as fungus gnats, that enter a production system through non-rockwool media.

Finally, the technical support we've received from the Grodan team and AIS Greenworks here in Australia has been world-class. Through adoption of Grodan's media, we've been granted access to a network of industry leading growers and data driven decision-making which enables us to produce in the regulated medicinal crops industry efficiently for production and research purposes.