The first time he saw Grodan’s stone wool in action, it was a real eureka moment for Richard Sabin, co-founder and director of Biotecture. Since then, Grodan’s growing media have become a fundamental factor in the success of the UK’s leading living wall company, both in its dedicated nursery and in its patented BioPanels. “Working with Grodan gives us the reassurance we need to be able to give the necessary reassurances to our customers,” says Richard.

When civil engineer Richard Sabin met a sustainable landscape designer while working on a project to enhance a building for the London School of Economics in London, he discovered that they shared similar concerns about the misuse of the Earth’s natural materials. “We decided to set up a company together, aimed at transforming urban architecture by increasing the number of plants on and around buildings for the well-being of people, planet and business. And Biotecture – an amalgamation of the words ‘biological architecture’ – was born in July 2007,” recalls Richard.

Growing media and the efficient use of nutrients Whitepaper

Growing media and the efficient use of nutrients

One of the 15 global challenges formulated by the Millenium project is “How can population growth and resources be brought into balance?“ One aspect of this challenge is improving the use efficiency of the global resources e.g. nutrients. These nutrients are just as important to agriculture as water.

Switch to Clean

Hydroponic lettuce and other leafy greens will soon start to dominate sales at supermarkets and chain restaurants. With up to 12 times the number of crops a year than from open fields and twice the crop density, no other production method can compete. Production environments must however be clean. Stone wool is both clean and inert, making it ideal for producing hydroponic lettuce and other leafy greens.

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