Whitepaper - The start of data-driven growing (part 1)

April 1, 2020
data driven growing Grodan

High-tech greenhouse horticulture is preparing for a new, global transition to data-driven growing practices. In Horticulture 4.0, countless sensors and measuring systems collect a constant flow of data on growth conditions and the functioning of crops, from both visible parts of the plants as well as in the root zone environment. These multiple data flows and their correlation are analysed centrally and translated real-time into setpoints using sophisticated growth models and smart, self-learning software. The recommendations can be used to maximise the expected operating results. This is the ultimate form of Precision Growing.

Data driven growing
Data-driven growing will certainly not make growers redundant, but instead will help them to maintain a clear overview and take better-informed management decisions. Upscaling in horticulture continues unabated, and growers often operate on multiple production sites, which will have to be managed by fewer people with the necessary expertise of cultivation practice. In this scenario, advanced technology is vital.

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In this document respected researchers, innovation experts and the people at Grodan involved in these developments outline the importance of data-driven growing. What does it promise, how does it work and what impact is this new phenomenon expected to have on the functioning and organisation of horticultural companies? Download the whitepaper on the right side of the page and discover the opportunities for data driven growing.