Grodan Max

Grodan launches Grodan Max with V1.0 Technology – the next breakthrough in stonewool growing media for cultivating specialty crops. In order to develop the optimal stone wool substrate and irrigation strategies for indoor and greenhouse specialty crops, Grodan partnered with the Wageningen University and Research Facility and top growers from all over the world. After an intensive 2-year research and trial program, this resulted in the most innovative Grodan product series so far, for the most innovative growers: Grodan Max with V1.0 Technology. Click on the link button down below to learn more about Grodan Max.

Thumbnail grodan max v1.0
Thumbnail wetting instructions #1

Wetting instruction plugs

Thumbnail wetting instructions #2

Wetting instructions Grodan Max blocks

Thumbnail wetting instructions #3

Steering besides the plant hole and implementing GroSens

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Precision growing: give the plant exactly what it needs in every cultivation phase. Grodan provides products to have uniform plant development and consistent yield.

Grodan greenhouse lettuce