How to – e-Gro Crop Module

January 1, 1

Crop monitoring is an essential part of optimising your growing strategy. It all starts with capturing crop data. You can do so via weekly crop registration. Crop registration is the process of registering data about the main parts of the crop. This requires a disciplined approach, because this crop data must be registered accurately and consistently on a weekly basis. This data gives you greater insight into the progress of crop growth and its impact on the constantly changing climate conditions. The output generated by crop registration ultimately contributes to better decision-making in your chosen growing strategy. The Crop Module is the module that translates your crop data into useful insights on plant growth.

View the video below to get more insights on how e-Gro’s Crop Module work.

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In order to start working with the Crop Module, please download the ‘How-to Guide Crop Module’ on this page. This document will ensure you know how to leverage the full potential of the module.