Water Management

“Pay close attention to irrigation, nutrient content and cold feet”

Jan van Staalduinen

More economical heating affects crop activity and water and nutrient uptake

The sharp rise in energy prices is forcing many growers to reduce their lighting, to turn down the thermostat a little and provide screening for longer. If irrigation and nutrient levels are not adjusted accordingly, this can have major consequences for the crop and the roots, warns cultivation advisor Jos Beerens from Grodan. “More economical heating might be desirable, but this has a direct impact on crop activity. When doing so, pay extra attention to irrigation, nutrient levels and cold feet”.

Cultivation advisor and specialist in fruit-vegetable crops Jos Beerens has noticed that many substrate growers are using less energy for their cultivation, sometimes in combination with less lighting. It is not uncommon to forget to adjust the irrigation as well. This can lead to an imbalance in the crop and affect both root and fruit development.

Less heating, major savings

A lower minimum pipe, longer screening, heating up more gently - these are proven methods to reduce energy consumption and cut costs. With current price levels, a few cubic metres of gas less per m² can save a pretty penny. However, growers need to realise that this kind of strategy has consequences for crop activity, argues Beerens. “Less heat means less evaporation, less root activity and lower water and nutrient uptake. You really do need to adjust the irrigation to avoid problems. Adjust the start and stop times and watch out for low temperatures and EC levels in the slab”.

20190912 GR ILL 5038

Growing media and the efficient use of nutrients

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Best Practice Guidelines for Greenhouse Water Management