Renewed e-Gro® app Grodan now available


We launched a new version of the e-Gro app. e-Gro 1.1 already became available for smartphone and tablet users, and is now also available for desktop users.

Hand with iPhone and e-Gro app

What's new in e-Gro 1.1?

In the new version of the app GRODAN offers growers:

  • Renewed design of the app
  • Strongly improved Alert function
  • Possibility to connect multiple smart boxes
  • Multi-view function (for desktop version only)

In September 2016 GRODAN presented the first generation of the app. e-Gro is a new service from GRODAN to support customers with a GroSens® MultiSensor system. Customers who need to have 'real-time' reporting on their substrate, have the opportunity to connect their GroSens system to the e-Gro app. The app offers growers the possibility to get the maximum out of their substrate. The benefits of e-Gro are:

  • e-Gro is mobile: easy to use at anytime and anywhere on your online smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • e-Gro is interactive: customise and optimise irrigation strategy with alerts and notifications year-round 24/7
  • e-Gro improves decision making to maximize production and fruit quality

Expanding possibilities

Since the launch of the app the number of active users worldwide has grown fast. Based on feedback of these users Grodan has developed the latest version of the app. We will continuously expand features and functionalities of the app over time.

Update to e-Gro 1.1

e-Gro is available in combination with Grodan slabs and the GroSens MultiSensor system. The app can be downloaded for free in the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) and can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or desktop. For existing smartphone and tablet users the latest version (e-Gro 1.1) can be downloaded via the Google Play and App Store.

More Information

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