Why Crop Registration Matters – e-Gro customer case video’s

Crop registration is a key activity in your greenhouse in order to know how your crops are growing, based on this information you can set better your growing strategy and adjust whenever it’s needed. Watch the video’s below to discover more about why crop registration matters and how it’s applied in practice at the Dutch tomato greenhouse company ‘Van Rens’.

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Better decision making

Crop registration is the process of registering data about the main parts of the crop. This requires a disciplined approach, because this crop data must be registered accurately and consistently on a weekly basis. This data gives you as a grower greater insight into the progress of crop growth and its impact on the constantly changing climate conditions. The output generated by crop registration ultimately contributes to better decision-making in your chosen growing strategy.


Optimized growing strategies

By registering the details of how your crop grows and comparing it with historical crop data, you gain greater insight into the impact of the growing strategy you have chosen. You naturally want to avoid repeating mistakes made in the past, so it's vital to register the progress of plant growth every week. Based on this information, you have a clear overview of the development of the crop balance. Next to this, the information provides answers to questions such as: should I be steering the crop with vegetative or generative actions? How do my plants respond to the chosen irrigation strategy?

You can also use crop registration output to analyse important data such as:

  • Flowering speed
  • Setting speed
  • Harvest speed

This data helps optimise your cultivation schedule. The next step is comparing crop data with other factors such as climate and irrigation data. In practice, this data is often saved in different systems. e-Gro centralises this data thanks to the integration of various climate computer systems and the advanced crop registration overview.

This offers you all the relevant data in a single system and there is no need to switch between various systems to access in-depth data analysis of your crop growth.

grodan, egro, video, analysis, crop registration

e-Gro Crop Module

The e-Gro software platform contains an advanced crop registration overview. This overview is part of the Crop Module. This module provides detailed, real-time insight into the status of your crop, and helps you determine the right growing strategy. To truly understand how crops grow, various crop-related measurements and traits can be captured in the e-Gro Crop Registration module. This enables the system to translate crop data into actionable insights and predictions in other e-Gro modules.

How to start?

e-Gro is optimised tomato and sweet peppers. For example, it is possible to define parameters for the main stems and side shoots of the tomato plants. The following details are usually registered:

  • Stem diameter
  • Height flowering truss
  • Weekly growth
  • Youngest flowering truss
  • Youngest setting truss
  • Youngest harvested truss
  • Optional parameters such as leaf length, flower size etc.

Together with your Grodan green experts we can discuss how to start with crop registration in your greenhouse or how to take your current crop regi process to a next level. Visit www.grodan.com/e-Gro for more information.

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