Save energy in the greenhouse without affecting plant activity

January 1, 1

Faced with the unprecedented increases in gas and electricity prices, many growers are taking steps to reduce greenhouse energy consumption. However, this needs to be done without affecting the health and yield of the crop. In this article, Jos Beerens, Business Support Manager at Grodan and Joost Veenman, Product Manager at Ridder explain how to get a grip on energy costs without compromising on the crops’ growth.

To get a grip on production costs, while still maintaining good plant activity, it is important to optimize the climate in the greenhouse. Therefore, three areas of crop management need to be taken into account: the plant’s surrounding environment, the plant itself and the root zone.

By optimizing the climate around these three focus areas, growers can reduce their energy consumption. In this article, Beerens and Veenman take a closer look at three important conditions that influence the climate in the greenhouse and the related energy costs:

  1. Light and temperature
  2. Humidity, ventilation and transpiration
  3. Irrigation and nutrient uptake

Read how balancing the interaction between these three conditions can contribute to both the health of your crops as well as having a lower energy consumption.

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